Tales Told: The Best of 2017

Tue Jan 9th at 6:15 PM
Looking back at the beautiful weddings we’ve had the pleasure of capturing throughout 2017 really brought a smile to my face and made me realise how many stories we’ve helped capture.

The two slideshows below are the same but ones a nice leisurely grab a cup of Yorkshire Tea 11 minutes and the others a social media attention spanning 4 minutes.

Also, feel free to keep scrolling for a possibly waffly write up of the years adventures.

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Looking back at the beautiful weddings we’ve had the pleasure of capturing throughout 2017 really brought a smile to my face and made me realise how many stories we’ve helped capture.

Starting in January, we were just up the road from the Peakography studio, at the hidden gem of the Whitworth Centre's park surroundings. Louise and Richard’s day involved sparkly wedding shoes, custom converse wearing bridesmaids and plenty of balloons.

We were then off to the Fox and Goose for Becky and Sarah’s rainbow adorned day which also provided us with the year’s first rendition of La Macarena.

In the spring we went off on a huge family holiday during which I asked Rae to marry me. I’d sneakily being borrowing rings in the month before to gauge the size Rae would be needing (should she be crazy enough to say yes) and with some excellent help from Anna the ring arrived first thing the morning we flew. Thankfully Rae didn’t realise what it was when she signed for it from the postman! And in case you’re wondering she also said yes. ?

Now where were we… Ah yes, we were then approaching summer and Lara and Max’s big day in the Derwent Valley. I tend to get rather giddy about capturing wedding days and due to the couple and the location I was off Rae’s “Giddy-o-Meter” (patent pending) for this one. And rightly so as it was a fantastic day and we were really honoured by Whimsical Wonderland Weddings blogging about.

Katie and Musonda’s Aston Hall Hotel day was up next. With bubbles replacing confetti and the most epic sunset portrait session, which was quite unbelievably within 200 metres of the M1 Junction 31.

It was then back to Matlock for Brown Owl Hannah and Lewis’s sunshine filled day at the Bentley Brook Inn where La Macarena continued it’s dance floor revival.

Sheffield Town Hall and Ponti’s Italian Kitchen then hosted the children, family and close friends of Laura and Paul. Judicious use of the Fox Valley fountains just had to be done.

A cog-covered Kelham Island Museum was the venue for Lenore and Liam’s big day which is due to be covered on another wedding blog site in the coming month meaning I’ve been unable to blog it myself. Some images my have slipped into the slideshow though…

We closed August on a sunflower and petticoat flourish with Lucy and Robert’s day at The White Hart Moorwood Moor with obligatory kilt and some intense rounds of Quoits.

Helen and Dan caught a great sunset on their engagement session and later in the year we snapped away as they tied the knot. Their expert tactics to ensure they had a full dance floor involved spirits from each country they’d travelled to together on each table during the wedding breakfast with custom etched shot glasses as wedding favours. The dance floor at The Maynard was jumping all night.

On a slight tangent one of the perks of being a wedding photographer is getting to hitch a lift in some pretty snazzy wedding cars. From Rolls’ of all ages to Porsches and Range Rovers, seeing the wedding car roll up always makes me smile. However, this year my absolute hands down favourite was the Austin 7 that Helen and Dan had.

Driving down to the studio through Chatsworth isn’t a bad commute and seeing the spire of St Peters as Ednesor comes into view every week had put it pretty high up the “I’d love to photograph a wedding there” list. This year, the wonderful Natalie and Thomas made it a reality as they said “I do” in the very church where, several years before and having missed the last bus, they sat on the tree bench opposite and a young Thomas proclaimed to Natalie that he was going to marry her there one day. With the reception and whole wedding party staying at the beautiful Darwin Lakes the day had a really homely feel to it.

We thought that an October wedding would be the end to the 2017 season, but Ruth and Ben had other plans. Plans that involved New Years Eve, Manchester Cathedral and Salvis with The Pick-me-ups providing the soundtrack to see in 2018 in style. I may still be in the midst of editing these, but I’ve included a couple of frames from their great day.

Salvis incidentally went head to head with Thomas the Caterer with a late bid for the “How much food can you feed a wedding photographer?” sweepstakes.

I’ve written way more than I thought I would, especially when they say a picture speaks a thousand words! But this slide show just shows a fleeting glance (especially if you’ve watched the quick edit) of the stories we’ve captured this year. Huge thank you to all the couples for choosing Rae and myself to be part of your days.

Now onto 2018 wedding season which starts… this Saturday!



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