British Bouldering Championships

Sun Jul 12th at 5:15 PM
Capturing the semi-finals and finals of this years British Bouldering Championship's was an absolute pleasure.

In a relatively unique set up the men and the ladies are climbing their "problems" at the same time on the wall which keeps you on your toes when trying to capture the best shots of the action.

World number 2 Shauna Coxsey took the Senior Female title narrowly beating France's Fanny Gibert into Second while Third place was scooped by Leah Crane.

Whilst Tyler Landman claimed first place in the Senior Men putting defending champion Dave Barrans into second, with James Garden taking the last step on the podium.

But enough from us on the subject why not read about the day from some of the competitors whilst checking out some more of the photos captured by having a look at the following links:

Jennifer Wood (5th place and GB Team member) :

Jules Littlefair (Wildcountry Blog):

Leah Crane

And if you end up at a climbing wall in France keep an eye out for a few of the shots of Fanny Gibert on the Scarpa promo posters!