Catherine and Edward, Hassop Hall

Tue Aug 23rd at 12:45 PM
7:30pm Thursday evening:

I walk downstairs to see Rae holding my phone and a notepad.

"Can you cover a wedding tomorrow? The couples booked photographer has just emailed to say they can't do it. I've got the mother of the bride’s phone number."

Thus started a whirlwind twenty-four hours. A phone call to the bride’s mum, a chat with the groom, Edward, and I was in the car heading for the studio to grab my camera kit. Actually, I was in my mums car whilst Rae de-five year olded ours!

At Peakography, Rae and myself have normally met our wedding couples a couple of times before the big day, chatted, got to know them (and them us), exchanged likes on Facebook and gained a feel for the day to come. With having none of that taken place I was, if I'm honest, a little nervous.

10:30am Friday Morning:

I'm knocking on the door at Catherine's house camera in hand ready to meet Catherine for the first time and capture the bridal preparations.

A very warm welcome followed by introductions and a quick chat about the days timings, what Catherine would like from the day’s photography and how I’d go about capturing them and I realised I didn’t need to be nervous; this was going to be a very good day to be a part of.

Cameras out of the bag, bridal preparation captured, cameras back in bag and I’m in the car over to the lovely St Swithins Church at Holmesfield to meet the groom before the ceremony. When I arrive Edward and his groomsmen are putting some finishing touches to the decorations and with a firm handshake and a big grin I meet the groom for the first time. That grin is seldom away from Ed’s face for the rest of the day.

A beautiful drive through the Peak District in a classic car follows the touching ceremony with a stop at the top of Longshaw Estate for couple portraits with the glorious Hope Valley as the backdrop.

We arrive at Hassop Hall to rejoin the wedding party and enjoy canapés in the sunshine in the beautiful grounds before the wedding breakfast in the ballroom. Some truly brilliant speeches followed (and not just because I got a mention in two of them!). Best Man, James, (a fellow wedding photographer) knocked his out of the park with the aid of some props and audience participation.

Having explored Hassop Hall whilst the party enjoyed their meal, I sneaked Catherine and Ed off for some more photographs in this stunning venue whilst preparations were made for the evening reception which was full of dancing.

A stunning couple, location, friends and family.

St Within's Church, Holmsfield

Hassop Hall Hotel

And on the Peakography stereo whilst editing were:

Suck It And See By Arctic Monkeys
Ill Communication By Beastie Boys
Odelay By Beck
Pronounced Leh-nerd Skin-nerd By Lynyrd Skynrd