Fun in the Park, Matlock

Sat Jun 6th at 9:15 PM
Matlock surrounds the beautiful Hall Leys Park. On this particular day we'd got studio bookings back to back, but Colin managed to get out for his lunch break and soak up the vibrant atmosphere of Cafe in the Park's fun day. The entire park was buzzing with families and individuals enjoying the stalls and activities on a stunning sunny day.
There was plenty of opportunity to try out new skills, including archery. Even the youngest attendees were able to have a go at mastering a bow as tall as themselves and firing arrows across the putting green. Whilst bows and arrows might've been a somewhat one-off activity, you can always rent a set of golf clubs and balls to enjoy this section of the park.
Colin wasn't the only one soaking up the atmosphere, although this chap seems to be making the most of his lunch break and and receiving a cuppa from his bandmate! This portrait of the clarinetist is quite evocative of the day. All ages, all walks of life, all enjoying the festivities laid on by Cafe in the Park.
This stunning instrument and it's master was surrounded. The Organ Grinder's expression completely mirrored that of his audience, pure happiness, and who can blame them. The glorious sunshine and fantastic music put smiles on everyone's faces.