Hemming Family, Milldale Derbyshire, Lifestyle Shoot

Sat Jan 9th at 4:45 PM
When Sarah got in touch about a family photo session, with her husband Mike and 10 month old son James, she said "We're not really photo people... we spend most of our time outside in the Derbyshire dales walking and cycling". A few emails later and we'd arranged to meet in Milldale to capture the natural interaction and fun of one of their favourite walks up the River Dove.

Now, autumn in the Peak District is an absolute joy for a photographer (to be fair every season is); the bright greens of summer start to become darker and mix with yellows, golden oranges and browns. The sun gets lower in the sky and it's light loses the harsh brightness of the summer days. The downside, of course, is that it gets foggy. Very foggy.

As I drove along the A515, heading towards Milldale, the rolling hills and dales of the white peak were hidden from view by a dense shroud of fog. As was the road in front.

We'd already agreed that light rain wouldn't stop play as long as James was happy (rain=puddles=splashing fun), but capturing a family having fun in thick fog when you can't see them is rather problematic.

Thankfully, as I dropped down towards our meeting place, I left the fog above me and a damp but colourful Milldale revealed itself.

For the next hour or so bridges were crossed, puddles were splashed in, leaves were stomped and James went from rather quizzical about the camera to absolutely owning it.