Lenore and Liam, Kelham Island

Mon May 4th at 11:15 AM
We'd booked a lifestyle shoot with Lenore and Liam some weeks prior, and as we got to the actual date the wonderful weather we'd been experiencing turned in to a typically gloomy British Summer. We did't let us put us off though, and although we wrote of a glorious sunset, we instead turned to a glorious architectural backdrop. We found this in the historic area of Kelham Island just outside of Sheffield's city centre.

This picture sums up the evening I with Lenore and Liam. Laughs and smiles a plenty, which also happens to sum up their relationship. They were great fun to work with and their personalities shine through in these photos.
Kelham Island gave us a brilliant arena for the photoshoot, it seemed to mirror the down-to-earth natures of Lenore and Liam and they we're instantly at ease in the relaxed environment. This goes to show the importance of picking the right spot for a couples shoot, and it's safe to say this was it for Lenore and Liam.
Right at the end of our session we happened across this iconic piece of paper graffiti. We all saw the opportunity to have a bit of fun with this shot and came away with a funny, quirky and completely site-specific image that summed up the essence of Lenore and Liam's relationship and the area we picked to work in.