This is Heeley!

Sat Jul 25th at 5:15 PM
Tradition around Sheffield's Tramlines Music Festival dictates that the Everly Pregnant Brothers play on a Saturday afternoon. On a roof. This year the roof was at their own Brothers Arms and they made a weekend out of it by buying a festivals worth of ale, inviting some other bands along and creating: This Is Heeley!

From the folk-Rock (note the capital) of Kingfisher Blue blasting through a set of classic KFB foot stompers and tunes destined for the in progress new album "'Till the Pond Freezes Over" too the 50's rockabilly of the always on fire Carmen Ghia and the Hotrods, Heeley Park filled in anticipation of the Sheffield institutions the Everly Pregnant Brothers.

With the addition of Pulp drummer Nick Banks and the Hotrods double bassist to add some bottom end the Brothers delivered a set of classics, often been out sang by the crowd! Can't fault these guys, as the pictures show they're genuinely overwhelmed by the response they get.

Following the Brothers were Bison. Bright of orange and loud on the Ska they provided big tunes to dance through the setting sun.